We are looking for a candidate for a post-doctoral competitive call

We are looking for a motivated candidate to apply to a competitive call from the Regional Government of Madrid for funding a 4-yr post-doctoral contract to work in our lab. The requeriments of the candidates are the following:

* Strong publication record in any of the areas related to the research we do in the lab (for details about we do and recent publications check our webpage). We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in microbial ecology, bioinformatics or remote sensing.
* The candidate should hold a PhD awarded between 1 January 2013 and 20 June 2016
* The candidate should have been working (under a contract or fellowship, proof required) outside Spain for at least one of the last two years.

Please note that this is not a job offer, as the candidate will apply to a competitive call (a total of 25 contracts will be awarded for all knowledge areas). All the details of this call (in Spanish) can be found here. If awarded, the person would work in the Dryland Ecology and Global Change Lab, located in the Móstoles Campus of Rey Juan Carlos University. He/she would be part of the research team working in the BIODESERT project, awarded to Fernando T. Maestre by the Consolidator Grant program of the European Research Council for the period 2016-2020.

Interested candidates in apply to one of these contracts in the lab should send their updated CV and two references to Fernando T. Maestre before 10 July 2016. The selected applicant will be notified on 11 July, and will need to prepare all the materials requested by the call (the candidate will apply to "Modalidad 2") by 15 July (sorry for the short notice).