The theme issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B on global change impacts in drylands has been published today

Dryland ecosystems are a key terrestrial biome, covering 41% of Earth’s land surface and supporting over 38% of the total global population. These ecosystems are highly vulnerable to global environmental change and desertification, two of the most important and pressing environmental and socio-economical issues currently faced by mankind. In spite of their extent and socio-ecological importance, the impacts of global environmental change on drylands remain poorly understood compared to other ecosystems. 

Fernando T. Maestre and Rob Salguero-Gómez have edited a Theme Issue for Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B entitledImpacts of global environmental change on drylands: from ecosystem structure and functioning to poverty alleviation”. This Theme Issue includes a series of reviews and primary research articles on important topics that require particular attention to achieve a better understanding of the impacts of global change in drylands, and to fill in current gaps in our knowledge. These contributions will cover multiple disciplines (hydrology, biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, physiology, demography, community ecology and human ecology), organisms (from microbes to human populations), spatial scales and dryland regions. By including a wide variety of topics, scales and approaches, this Theme Issue provides an in-depth, mechanistic understanding of the projected effects of global change at different biological levels, with tangible applications to dryland resource management and human ecology.

You can read the whole issue here, below you can find the titles and authors of the articles included, with links to the full text of each article:

List of authors
Fernando T. Maestre, Roberto Salguero-Gómez & José L. Quero
Andrew Thomas
Cristina Escolar,  Fernando T. Maestre, Isabel Martínez & Matthew A. Bowker
Roberto Salguero-Gómez, Wolfgang Siewert, Brenda B. Casper & Katja Tielbörger
Adela González-Megías & Rosa Menéndez
Zhichun Lan & Yongfei Bai
Osvaldo E. Sala, Laureano Gherardi, Lara Reichmann, Esteban Jobbágy & Debra Peters
Paolo D’Odorico & Abinash Bhattachan
Elisabeth Huber-Sannwald, Mónica Ribeiro Palacios, José Tulio Arredondo Moreno, Marco Braasch, Ruth Magnolia Martínez Peña, Javier García de Alba Verduzco, Karina Monzalvo Santos
Andrew J. Dougill, Lindsay C. Stringer, Julia Leventon, Mike Riddell, Henri Rueff, Dominick V. Spracklen & Edward Butt

We expect that the multi-disciplinary, multi-organismal approach followed in this Theme Issue will advance our understanding of the projected effects of global change in drylands, and will stimulate further research on this important topic.