The Maestre lab at INTECOL 2013

In a few days the INTECOL 2013 conference, organised by the British Ecological Society as part of its 100th anniversary, will take, and the Maestre lab will be quite busy there. Fernando will be talking on biotic and abiotic controls on ecosystem multifunctionality in drylands within the symposium Biodiversity ecosystem services and multifunctional landscapes at 16:00 on Thursday, and will be also giving talks in two workshops: How to get your research funded: some personal perspectives (Tuesday at lunch time) and Writing and publishing scientific papers if English is not your first language (Wednesday at lunch time). Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo will be talking about how aridity affects carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in global drylands on Monday at 11.15 (Ecosystem ecology and dynamics session). Enrique Valencia will present a poster on Monday on his work on aridity and functional traits as determinants of ecosystem multifunctionality of Mediterranean grasslands and shrublands  (Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning session, 17:45-19:45). Also, our former graduate student Pablo García-Palacios will present results from a meta-analysis on soil fauna effects on litter decomposition on Monday at 12:45 (Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning session). You can find more information about this, and everything else that is happening on the INTECOL App.

So if you are in the conference and want to see some of our latest stuff you know where we will be. If you would like also to chat to any of us we will be around until Thursday there, so look for us!