New "Highly Cited" articles from the lab

Some articles from the lab have been recently added to the "Highly Cited" list according to Essential Science Indicators from ISI. With these a total of 10 articles are now included within this category (as per 21 January 2016):

Escudero, A., S. Palacio, F. T. Maestre & A. Luzuriaga. 2015. Plant life on gypsum: a review of its multiple facets. Biological Reviews 90: 1-18. 

Hernandez, R. R., S. B. Easter, M. L. Murphy-Mariscal, F. T. Maestre, M. Tavassoli, E. B. Allen, C. W. Barrows, J. Belnap, R.C. Ochoa-Hueso, S. Ravi & M. F. Allen. 2014. Environmental impacts of utility-scale solar energy. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 29: 766-779.   

García-Palacios, P., F. T. Maestre, J. Kattge & D. H. Wall. 2013. Climate and litter quality differently modulate the effects ofsoil fauna on litter decomposition across biomes. Ecology Letters 16: 1045–1053.  

Delgado-Baquerizo, M., F. T. Maestre, A. Gallardo, M. A. Bowker, M. Wallenstein, J. L. Quero, S. Soliveres, V. Ochoa, B. Gozalo, M. García-Gómez, P. García-Palacios, M. Berdugo, E. Valencia, C. Escolar, A. Escudero, J. A. Carreira, T. Arredondo, C. Barraza-Zepeda, D. Bran, M. Chaieb, A. A. Conceição, J. Contreras, M. Derak, D. J. Eldridge, C. I. Espinosa, A. Florentino, J. Gaitán, W. Ghiloufi, S. Gómez-González, J. R. Gutiérrez, E. Hepper, R. M. Hernández, E. Huber-Sannwald, M. Jankju, J. Liu, R. L. Mau, M. Miriti, J. Monerris, E. Morici, M. Muchane, K. Naseri, A. Ospina, V. Polo, E. Pucheta, L. Quevedo-Robledo, E. Ramírez, D. A. Ramírez-Collantes, R. Romão, M. Tighe, D. Torres, C. Torres-Díaz, E. D. Ungar, J. Val, W. Wamiti, D. Wang & E. Zaady. 2013. Decoupling of soilnutrient cycles as a function of aridity in global drylands. Nature 502: 672-676. 

Maestre, F. T., J. L. Quero, N. J. Gotelli, A. Escudero, V. Ochoa, M. Delgado-Baquerizo, M. García-Gómez, M. A. Bowker, S. Soliveres, C. Escolar, P. García-Palacios, M. Berdugo, E. Valencia, B. Gozalo, A. Gallardo, L. Aguilera, T. Arredondo, J. Blones, B. Boeken, D. Bran, A. Conceicao, O. Cabrera, M. Chaieb, M. Derak, D. Eldridge, C. I. Espinosa, A. Florentino, J. Gaitán, M. G. Gatica, W. Ghiloufi, S. Gómez-González, J. R. Gutiérrez, R. M. Hernández, X. Huang, E. Huber-Sannwald, M. Jankju, M. Miriti, J. Monerris, R. L. Mau, E. Morici, K. Naseri, A. Ospina, V. Polo, A. Prina, E. Pucheta, D. A. Ramírez-Collantes, R. Romão, M. Tighe, C. Torres-Díaz, J. Val, J. P. Veiga, D. Wang, E. Zaady. 2012. Plant species richness and ecosystem multifunctionality in globaldrylands. Science 335: 214-218

Eldridge, D. J., Bowker, M. A., F. T. Maestre, J. F. Reynolds, E. Roger & W. G. Whitford. 2011. Impacts of shrub encroachment on ecosystemstructure and functioning: towards a global synthesis. Ecology Letters 14: 709–722.   

Maestre, F. T., R. M. Callaway, F. Valladares & C. Lortie. 2009. Refining the stress-gradient hypothesis for competition and facilitation inplant communities. Journal of Ecology 97: 199-205.  

Brooker, R.W., F. T. Maestre, R. M. Callaway, C. L. Lortie, L. Cavieres, G. Kunstler, P. Liancourt, K. Tielbörger, J. M. J. Travis, F. Anthelme, C. Armas, L. Coll, E. Corcket, S. Delzon, E. Forey, Z. Kikvidze, J. Olofsson, F. I. Pugnaire, P. Saccone, K. Schiffer, M. Seifan, B. Touzard & R. Michalet. 2008. Facilitation in plant communities: the past, thepresent and the future. Journal of Ecology 96: 18-34.    

Reynolds, J.F., D.M. Stafford Smith, E.F. Lambin, B.L. Turner II, M. Mortimore, S.P.J. Batterbury, T.E. Downing, H. Dowlatabadi, R.J. Fernández, J.E. Herrick, E. Huber-Sannvald, R. Leemans, T. Lynam, F. T. Maestre, M. Ayarza & B. Walker. 2007. Global desertification: Building a science for dryland development. Science 316: 847-851.  

Maestre, F. T., F. Valladares & J. F. Reynolds. 2005. Is the change of plant-plant interactions with abiotic stress predictable? Ameta-analysis of field results in arid environments. Journal of Ecology 93: 748-757. 

We are delighted to know that our work is being used by our colleagues, and hope to be able to continue producing more articles that attract this level of attention.


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