The Maestre lab at the AEET MEDECOS 2017 meeting

During next week many lab members will be in Seville participating in the XIV MEDECOS & XIII AEET meeting in Seville. If want to see what we will be presenting there, below are the titles and sessions of the different talks and posters with participation of lab members (check the full program of the meeting):

Sp.12. Establishing linkages between species interactions and ecosystem functioning and services. Fri 3rd Feb, 2017, Room C, Facultad de Biología (School of Biology).

11:30. Main talk by Fernando Maestre. “Biotic controls of ecosystem functioning in global drylands”.

12:00. Manuel Delgado Baquerizo. “Microbial diversity drives multifunctionality in terrestrial ecosystems across the globe”. 

S.04. Biodiversity: species interactions, networks, communities and phylogenetics. Thu 2nd Feb, 2017. Room A, ETSI Informática (School of Informatics).

09:45. Hugo Saiz Bustamante. “Patterns of plant spatial association networks in global drylands”.

12:00. Miguel Berdugo Vega. “Shifts in the importance of biotic/abiotic assembly drivers in global drylands: merging biogeography and community ecology to understand assembly rules.”. 

S.06. Ecophysiology and functional traits. Thu 2nd Feb, Room A, ETSI Informática (School of Informatics).

15:35. David Sánchez Pescador. “The winter is coming: plant freezing resistance as a key functional trait for the assembly of annual Mediterranean communities”.

17:20. Nicolas Gross. “Functional trait diversity maximizes ecosystem multifunctionality in global drylands”.

18:10. Yoann Pinguet. “A global test of the environmental filtering concept for the functional trait diversity in drylands”.

Sp.02. Filling current knowledge gaps: understanding the role of plant-soil interactions on the functioning and resilience of Mediterranean ecosystems in a changing world. Wed 1st Feb, Room C, Facultad de Biología (School of Biology).

14:30. Main talk by José Ignacio Querejeta. “Vegetation responses to climate change are driven by plant-soil feedbacks in a semiarid shrubland ecosystem”.


S.07. Ecosystem functioning and services: challenges and risks in a changing world

Jorge Durán Humia. “Effects of increasing aridity on aboveand belowground ecosystem functioning: mechanistic processes and biological feedbacks with climate change"

S.08. Consequences of biotic and environmental global changes for MTEs

Angela Lafuente García-Ubero. “Biocrusts modulates how climate change affects N2O and CH4 emissions in Mediterranenan grasslands”.

Guadalupe León Sánchez. “Responses of Helianthemum squamatum to warming and rainfall reduction in a semiarid shrubland”.

Sp.02. Filling current knowledge gaps: understanding the role of plant-soil interactions in the MTEs

Laura García-Velázquez. “Warming and biocrusts alter soil P fractions in a semi-arid ecosystem”.

So if you are in the conference and want to see some of our latest stuff you know where we will be. If you would like also to chat to any of us we will be around until Fridary afternoon there, so look for us! 


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