We are looking for candidates to apply to the "Juan de la Cierva incorporación call"

We are looking for a motivated candidate to apply to a competitive postdoctoral call ("Juan de la Cierva incorporación") from the Spanish Government that fully fund a 3-yr postdoctoral contract to work in in the Dryland Ecology and Global Change LabThe requeriments of the candidate are the following:

* We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in any of the following areas: microbial ecology, network analysis, bioinformatics, biogeochemistry/soil science, communtiy ecology, remote sensing, ecological modelling.

* The candidate should hold a PhD awarded between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2017.
* The candidate should have a strong publication record, with articles in journals included in the first quartile of the JCR database (At the Maestre lab do not care about the journal impact factor but the panels/reviewers of this call do and the call is highly competitive, so succesfull candidates are those with a strong publication record in these journals).
* The candidate should have a good knowledge of the use of the statistical software R and be familiar with the analyses of multivariate, complex datasets. 
* Previous research stays and/or postdoctoral experience outside Spain (for Spanish candidates) or a Phd from a non-Spanish university (for candidates from outside Spain). 
* Priority will be given to female applicants.

Please note that this is not a job offer, as the candidate will apply to a competitive call. All the details of this call can be found here (in Spanish). If awarded, the person would work in a brand new, state-of-the-art building where the Multidisciplinary Institute for Environment Studies "Ramon Margalef” of the University of Alicante is located, and will have access to experimental. Alicante is very lively city by the beach with a high quality of life (and some of the best paella in the world!), and the University of Alicante has a beautiful campus. If succesfull, the candidate will closely work with the research team working in the BIODESERT project, awarded to Fernando T. Maestre by the Consolidator Grant program of the European Research Council for the period 2016-2020. This project has the following main objectives:
  1. To test how changes in climate and grazing pressure determine spatiotemporal patterns in multifunctionality in global drylands.
  2. To assess how biotic attributes modulate ecosystem resilience to climate change and grazing pressure at multiple spatial scales (from local to global).
  3. To test and develop early warning indicators for the onset of desertification.
  4. To forecast the onset of desertification and its ecological consequences under different climate and grazing scenarios.

The candidate will mainly work with data already available from a global survey collected in 336 drylands from around the world, which are suitable to work on multiple questions related to the objectives of the project and to the interest of the candidates, as well as with data already available from ongoing (10-12 yrs) climate change experiments.

Interested candidates in applying to this call in the lab should send their updated CV and three references to Fernando T. Maestre before 31 December 2019. The selected applicant will be notified by 6th of January 2017, and will need to prepare all the materials requested by the call before the 17th of January. Please note that the official documents are in Spanish.


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