The Maestre lab goes to Rome!

In a few days the 13thEuropean Ecological Federation (EEF) conference will take place in Rome, and the Maestre lab will be quite busy there. Fernando will be talking on biotic attributes as drivers of nutrient cycling in drylands under global change at 8:45 on Thursday within the symposium “S23- New emerging drivers of carbon and nutrient cycles under a drier and warmer climate” (talk S23.1). Miguel Berdugo will be talking about plant spatial patterns and alternative multifunctionality states in global drylands on Wednesday at 18.30 (talk CS10.4). Enrique Valencia will present a poster on Tuesday about how plant functional traits modulate the phenological responses of dryland species to warming (Biodiversity and ecosystems session, poster CS05.09). Ángela Lafuente will also present a poster on how climate change affects biocrust ability to modulate soil moisture dynamics (Global change ecology poster session, poster PS02.2). Also, our former graduate student and post-doc Santiago Soliveres will talk about rare species and ecosystem multifunctionality on Tuesday at 13.15 (Biodiversity and ecosystems session, talk CS05.09).

So if you are in the conference and want to see some of our latest stuff you know where we will be. If you would like also to chat to any of us we will be around until Friday there, so look for us!