We are looking for a candidate to apply to a competitive postdoctoral call from KAUST

We are looking for a motivated candidate to apply to a competitive postdoctoral call ("KAUST Global Fellowship Program") from KAUST that fully funds a 3-yr postdoctoral fellowship to work in the Dryland Ecology and Global Change Lab at KAUST. 

Successful applicants to this call receive up to $40,000 of funding based on the field of research, along with a yearly living stipend of $75,000 plus benefits including medical insurance, accommodation, schooling for up to 2 children, relocation, and travel allowances. 

Please note that this is not a job offer, as the candidate will apply to a  competitive call. All the details of this call can be found here. If awarded, the person would work in the BESE Division of KAUST under the guidance of Fernando T. Maestre.

The requirements of the candidate we are looking for are the following:

* Must have been awarded a PhD degree within four solar years (i.e., must have received their PhD in January 2020 onwards).

* We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in any of the following areas: microbial ecology, network analysis, macroecology, biogeochemistry/soil science, community ecology, remote sensing, ecological modelling, data science.

* The applicant needs to present and develop his/her own project, which must be aligned with the research we do in the lab (to have an idea of what we do please check recent publications here) and with the KAUST research priorities.

* The candidate needs to be fluent in English.

* The candidate should have a strong publication record in peer-reviewed international journals (At the Maestre lab do not care about the journal impact factor nor the total number of publications and value quality over quantity when hiring researchers but this call is highly competitive, so having a strong publication record increases the chances of success).

* Having a good knowledge of the use of the statistical software R and be familiar with the analyses of multivariate, complex datasets is a plus! 

* Women are encouraged to apply, and will be given priority.

The Dryland Ecology and Global Change Lab is a healthy, collaborative and people-centered workplace where the health, wellbeing and professional development of its members is a priority and harassment and discrimination (of any form) is not tolerated. More details about the lab philosophy can be found here.

Interested candidates in applying to this call in the lab should get in contact with Fernando T. Maestre before 20 May 2024 sending the following information:

* CV

* Two references

* A motivation letter

* A summary (1 page max) of the project the candidate will present to this call

The selected applicant will be notified by 30th of May 2024, and will need to prepare all the materials requested by the call before the end of June 2024. Please  check this page for all the information and required documentation for this call.